Monday, November 21, 2005

A Week of Thanks

Well, the past weekend was awesome. Both my good friend Brian and I got to celebrate our birthdays. Aside from the excitement of celebrating who he is and how much we appreciate him, I was humbled by the love I received for my birthday. There is something so encouraging about being celebrated, not flattered, not adored, just celebrated. I came home last night from the Thanksgiving Potluck dinner with gifts and many hugs and kind words ringing in my ears. I'd like to quote C.S. Lewis, because he, I believe says it best. "In a perfect Friendship this Appreciative love is, I think often so great and so firmly based that each member of the circle feels, in his secret heart, humbled before all the rest. Sometimes he wonders what he is doing there among his betters. He is lucky beyond desert to be in such company. " He goes on in his treatment of brotherly love, but I chose the part that I most feel at this time. I feel humbled and wonder how I got to be so ingrained, loved, and appreciated by such an awesome group of people. I thank God for his blessing of church family. It truly grows us in ways that study or prayer alone can never do.
Aside from this great blessing, I also have the obvious fortune to be off from work the entire week (yep!). If none of you have practiced your dance moves in front of a mirror in the past few months, this is just a friendly reminder that they're probably outdated. I think that the "running man" will come back, just watch and see. Aside from lots of time to goof off and celebrate not having to work, I really do get to rest in mind and body, take care of all those little things that pile up into a mountain of tediosity(?). You get to make up new words and shout from a mountain top, err desktop, "I am free!" and mean it. Anyway, got a long list of things to do, so thanks for stopping by-and stay classy.


At 2:25 PM, Blogger Troy said...

Wow. C.S. Lewis and Will Ferrell in the same blog post. Sweet action, man!

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Joshua said...

Sweet action, indeed. I wonder if we can then introduce "sweet emotion"?

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Aimee said...

Happy late birthday! My wonderful friends showered me on my birthday, and it does make you feel extra sweet =)


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