Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mass Exodus

Well, it's Thursday evening, and I just woke up from a necessary nap. I'm in San Antonio after spending over 20 hours in my truck trying to get out of Houston. It was absolutely spirit breaking. At seven hours into the trip, I wasn't even at Katy, and I considered turning back. It was 2:00 in the morning, and I was getting tired. I called Troy to see if I could still take him up on his offer to weather the storm from his fifth floor loft. No answer. I called Chris Keith; he was heading to Dallas. Best of luck to him. I seriously hope he doesn't have to experience what I did. We inched along all through the night, and then the sun came up, and we inched some more. Then it got hot, and I got worried that I just couldn't make it or that my truck would die from A/C use, so I alternated between A/C and windows. I began to feel extremely grimy, and my dog in the back of the truck couldn't take it, so I was forced to bring him in with me. Praise God, at about noon today, things finally started moving, only to stop later, but finally things got worked out, and I made it in to San Antonio at about 3:30 p.m. My head hurts from lack of sleep, but I'm going to talk to my family a bit before I hit the sack.
Brian's in Chicago, just talked to him, briefly (we got cut off), Borzik and Jean were planning to go to College Station, Chris and Kelly to Dallas, Troy to where his folks are staying, Ed to his parents' place in Northwest Houston, Julie to Austin. Hopefully, we'll all get to come back to our fragile and precarious lives inside the grace of God.


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